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Boiler Service Telford and Boiler Repair - Shropshire


Boiler servicing is as normal procedure which is carried out annually in most cases.  Boiler services ensure your boiler performs as it should.


Keep you and your family safe by having your boiler serviced regularly.  Carbon monoxide is a "silent killer" - ensure your boiler is safe to use by having it serviced TODAY


Having your boiler serviced is an important procedure which will ensure that your boiler continues to work to it's peak performance - having an annual boiler service is vital to keeping your boiler warranty.  When you have your boiler serviced your gas engineer will make certain checks to ensure the manufacturer's specifications are followed and that your boiler will perform as you want it to, ensuring you continue to have trouble free heating.

During a service our engineers also carry out a safety check for the entire property, ensuring that no minor gas escapes are happening.


Our gas safe service engineer is equipped with flue gas analysers to ensure your boiler is performing at it's full potential, whilst also ensuring the appliances aren't burning more gas than they need, are fit for purpose, pose no risk to you and your family and helping you to get the most out of this integral appliance.


During a boiler service several checks are carried out, if you'd like to know more about these checks then just ask our engineer who'll be happy to give you a detailed explanation as to what it is they're doing.



A typical boiler service will take around 45 minutes to 1 hour and will, as standard include:


Tightness test:

Where we test the property for any gas escapes


Meter Check:

We'll inspect your gas meter - to ensure it's functioning correctly and is safe.  Ensuring your gas lever works, and isn't letting gas into the system when closed.  Inspecting seals and joints and ensuring there are no gas escapes.  The gas pressures you receive are also checked at this stage - along with appropriate labels and bonding.


Visual inspection:

A visual inspection of the appliance, the flue, internal joints and wiring - ensuring there are no leaks or potential wiring issues.


Gas pressures:

We'll be testing the standing and operating pressure of the boiler, ensuring your boiler is receiving the correct amount of gas - and is therefore burning safely, as per manufacturers instructions.


Case seals:

We'll be inspecting your boiler case seals to ensure no products of combustion (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide etc) can escape


Gas rates:

To ensure your boiler is receiving and burning the correct amount of gas - in accordance with the manufacturers instructions


Fan pressures:

Some boilers have fan pressure test points, which give a good indication as to the overall state of the main components of your boiler - where appropriate these will be checked


Condensate trap:

Your condensate trap and other components will be cleaned and replaced - ensuring nothing gets blocked and the boiler will continue to function


Magnetic filters:

If you have a magnetic filter on your system, this will be cleaned and serviced.  If not, one can be fitted and the benefits explained.


Safety devices:

Is your boiler shutting down correctly during a malfunction?  This will be tested.


Flue integrity check:

Your flue (where appropriate) will be tested to ensure it's capable of safely serving your boiler


Flue gas analysis:

A crucial part of your service.  A newly calibrated flue gas analyser is used to analyse the flue gases and internal components can be adjusted to ensure your boiler is performing to it's potential.



Once complete you'll receive a report of our findings and a list of recommendations (if needed) - as well as the service sheet to confirm your boiler is safe to continue being used.  Your warranty papers will be signed... and we'll see you in a year!


You will also be given practical advice - so if you have any questions for our engineer then feel free to ask.  If we don't know the answer we'll find out and get back to you asap.  We're here to help and a boiler service is just another way we can ensure that your heating system lasts as long as you hoped it would when the boiler was purchased.


call 07393220694 to book your service now.




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The Owner: A property developer who was fed up of paying through the nose for boiler installations and services.  So I studied, became Gas Safe registered and started CombiCert. 

CombiCert offer an affordable service to home-owners, estate agents and landlords - with no compromise on the quality of service


I called Pete and within an hour a chap called Steve was on my doorstep to fix a leaking pipe.  It was 11pm and I was charged £70, which was considerably less than I was expecting at that time of the night.  Top marks.  Pete called me the next morning to check all was done to my satisfaction. I'm more than happy to recommend the company to friends and family.

Julie Ryan (Telford)

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